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Our front- and back-end development teams do brilliant things through enhancement and integration of our recommended platforms. Digital Infotech IT has a strong heritage of development capability. We employ multiple teams of quality front- and back-end developers – from emerging young talent to seasoned experts. They use their technical expertise to bring technology to life, shape emerging software and deliver cutting-edge solutions for major brands and organisations – from large platforms to bespoke, sophisticated functionality and apps based on specific client needs.

Our Digital development teams

We operate several permanent and contract development teams, each with their own unique remit – be it coding language, project size or platform selection. All based in the UK, they offer clients peace of mind, reliability and quality in either a fixed-price, agile or programme scenario.


Our teams have expertise in all the areas necessary for successful web implementations and integrations, including specification, project management, CMS platforms and CRM integrations, search indexing, security, quality assurance and deployment.


Our specialist Microsoft.NET (C#, ASP.NET and SQL Server) and PHP Developers can deliver solutions on best-of-breed cloud platforms for whatever your specific needs are, and we have teamed up with a number of technology partners to offer you a seamless solution.

Onsite development teams

With our in-house permanent staffs, we are able to provide onsite services to our clients by providing supplement teams with in-house consultants, as well as provide diligence and management in order to maximise return on investment. Onsite teams can be supported through software rental, equipment and infrastructure to provide a turnkey service. 

Integration services

Our world is a connected one, and that connectivity is largely achieved through the integration of software systems. These range from massive CRM and database platforms, to bespoke applications, web services, payment gateways and social platforms. The emergence of cognitive and AI solutions has provided even greater sophistication to the mix. 

We will work with you (and/or your third-party supplier) in determining the most appropriate and cost-effective way of delivering a successful integration solution taking care to observe constraints (e.g. technical, timescales, organisational or financial), through development and integration testing to deliver a robust solution.

Mobile application development

As the world goes mobile, we too have adapted to the increasing demand for mobile app development. We are able to build native apps for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Using Cordova and PhoneGap, we build HTML apps that work across platforms, integrating directly with the phone and behaving like native apps. Cross-platform functionality is achieved using Xamarin, a C#-based development tool.

Quality Assurance and UAT

Digital Infotech IT runs a pro-active Quality Assurance team who are integral to our delivery methodology and production excellence.  Our QA Analysts are increasingly more customer-focused working in collaboration with client web teams and stakeholders. Their principle role is to review and validate against the original requirements, set-up and oversee UAT and test non-functional aspects of systems such as security, accessibility and performance. We run HP WebInspect, OWASP ZAP, SortSite and JMeter in-house.

In addition, testing techniques have evolved significantly in recent years and Digital Infotech has embraced automation using emerging tools such as Selenium, Postman and Wraith. This is providing our customers greater test coverage and is increasing ROI, particularly in agile development and its regular deployments. 

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