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Digital Infotech IT (DIIT)  is a design and technology ideas company. We help ambitious companies create new value with design- and technology-based products and strategies. We power their momentum by transforming the way they think and work. We design and build technology-based solutions that creates new values and new markets. We also look comprehensively at our client’s business to identify opportunities for creating new value.

We reshape organizational mindsets, cultures, and processes to fuel continuous growth by uncovering organizational opportunities and build new approaches for design and technology teams. Whether we’re designing a product or a process, we are guided by five principles.


We adapt these principles to every situation, but we never compromise them: -

1. Plan as you go.

We believe there are business opportunities we can’t see until we start to build them, so we think about audacious goals as a series of small, focused experiments, which we tackle one at a time. Our strategy for each experiment is shaped by the prior results. This approach allows us to move fast, test, learn, and pivot, and pursue the best solution instead of the scoped solution.

2. Validate every step.

We create goals and measure results for each small experimental phase, whether we’re building technology or teams, we reconfigure as we go. This allows us to mitigate risk, identify opportunities, and constantly keep teams connected to and energized by the outcome of their work. It also allows us to ground all of our decisions in data from the beginning of the process to the end.

3. Continuously collaborate.

We believe that in smart, open, and multi-perspective teams, thinking aloud and testing ideas with each other is the fastest way to get to the best result. We insist on working in tightly connected teams, and partially co-locating with clients and partners either by embedding in their offices or having them embed in ours.

4. Think in ecosystems.

A product experience depends on more than the piece of technology with which the customer engages—it’s determined by the entire value chain of a business, the systems of people and process that run that value chain, and all the touch points between the business and the customer. We create integrated solutions that acknowledge this multi-faceted network, because the success of the product and its ecosystem are interdependent.

5. Do what’s best, fastest.

We believe there is a direct and positive correlation between small size, agility, and effectiveness. We’re masters at answering the question: “What’s the best, fastest?” and applying the exact amount of resources, energy and fidelity needed at each step.

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